Our Committees

At U. S. Steel Canada, environmental stewardship is a core value of our company and an integral part of how we do business. Taking responsibility for the impact of our operations is fundamental to being a proactive corporate citizen.

In 2009, U. S. Steel Canada entered into a six-year Environmental Performance Agreement with the Ontario Ministry of Environment that includes that creation of Community Liaison Commitees (CLC).

Here you will find information about our CLC, which have been constituted to inform the community of our business and ongoing activities related to environmental improvements. .

Our Agreement

Our agreement with the Ministry of Environment is an acknowledgement that the local environment – and our community – are best served through a long-term cooperative relationship.

View the Environmental Performance Agreement 2009.

Lake Erie Works

Our Lake Erie Works Community Liaison Committee regularly brings together members of the Nanticoke and surrounding community to discuss environmental improvements.

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Hamilton Works

In Hamilton, our public Community Liaison Committee meetings provide a mechanism for on-going and proactive discussion among local community members and U. S. Steel Canada.

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Press Release: U. S. Steel Canada Announces Initial Order Under CCAA

U. S. STEEL CANADA ANNOUNCES INITIAL ORDER UNDER CCAA Hamilton, Ontario, Canada – U. S. Steel Canada Inc., announced today, that it is initiating a Court-supervised restructuring in order to create a restructured business that can compete in the North American steel market for the long term. The Company has obtained a Court Order from the Ontario Superior Court of Justice for creditor protection under the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA). The Order provides a stay of certain creditor claims against U. S. Steel Canada during the CCAA process and appoints Ernst and Young as monitor of U. S. Steel Canada. Michael McQuade, President and General Manager of U. S. Steel Canada, said, “Despite substantial efforts over the past several ...

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U. S. Steel Canada Lake Erie Works

Remaining Focused on Our Environment

As part of our on-going effort to improve the sustainability of our operations, U. S. Steel Canada has developed reports regarding the creation and use of substances listed in Ontario’s Toxics Reduction Act. Our annual reports quantify the creation, release and disposal of listed substances as required under Ontario Regulation 455/09, as well as lay out our plans to make reductions wherever possible. Environmental sustainability remains a core value of U. S. Steel Canada and we remain committed to adopting management systems and best practices that foster continuous improvement in our processes. We do this because U. S. Steel Canada is more than a leader in the steel industry; we are your friends, neighbours and community partners. ...

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U. S. Steel Canada: Our Environmental Policy

Our vision – Making Steel. World Competitive. Building Value. – is supported by a series of core values within the company. One of those core values is environmental stewardship. We recognize that the earth is a shared and finite resource that we all must safeguard for generations to come. It is our commitment to sustainability that drives our operations to adopt management systems and best practices that foster continuous improvement in our processes; preserving vital resources and ensuring the future of the industry. We do this because U. S. Steel Canada is more than a leader in the steel industry; we are your friends, neighbors and community partners. Our employees live and work in the same communities as you. We ...

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